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Titusville F-86 and S.211 Checkouts

Nov 13, 2015 - Doug Matthews' Classic Fighters conducted another Jet Warbird training/rating event at its Titusville, Florida base. Online training for the candidates commenced in September for Rick Millson (F-86 and S211), Scott Glaser (F-86), Pierre Wildman (F-86), Zach McNeill (S211) and Daniel Wotring (S211). On November 8, all convened in KTIX for classroom and aircraft further training. An F-86 and two S211's were provided and the weather was perfect. Titusville is a great venue with good weather, a tower and two runways (one is 7000').

Instrument Approach Experience

Nov 12, 2015 - We are heading into the season of instrument approaches. I hope we don’t have too many pilots flying Classic Jets in conditions requiring Instrument Approaches, but in order to maintain your currency for Instrument Flight, FAR 61.57(c) provides that "a person may act as pilot in command under IFR or weather conditions less than the minimums prescribed for VFR only if, within the six calendar months preceding the month of the flight, that person performed and logged at least six instrument approaches, holding procedures and tasks, and intercepting and tracking courses through the use of navigational electronic systems.

Safety Brief - Preparation and Respect

Nov 6, 2015 - CJAA was very fortunate to have Colonel Gail “Evil” Peck as our speaker at the Saturday Banquet during the St. George Jet Blast. In addition to wonderful stories about America’s Secret MiG Squadron at Tonopah, Col Peck also provided his thoughts about what it takes to operate Classic Jets safely in today’s environment. His thoughts have been summarized in the new CJAA Safety Brief - Preparation and Respect.

F-86 Flight Report

Oct 29, 2015 - Featured in the online warbird news magazine, Warbirdsnews, is an article by CJAA member Doug Matthews describing his experiences flying the historic F-86 Sabre. Doug has overseen restoration of two of these Korean-era fighters and regularly flies them in the airshow circuit.

Doug's article provides some background history but then launches into the differences and accommodations he had to make to fly this jet, commenting at one point that there's no convenient place for his 2015-era iPad.

Great Addition to the L-39 Pilot Ranks

Oct 28, 2015 - The ranks of L-39 rated pilots have a new addition. After surviving hours of instruction and a proficiency ride, 23-year old CJAA member Tonie Michaels is now one of the few female L-39 rated pilots and most certainly, the youngest.

Since soloing at 16, this 1,300 hr over-achiever has earned fixed wing and rotor certificates, an instrument rating, and now her L-39 rating. Even with all this experience, she isn't looking for a career in the cockpit, but instead trying to put her Masters in Finance to use in aviation management.

St George Jet Blast Wrap-Up

Oct 27, 2015 - St. George is one of those idyllic Jet Blast locations: wide expanses of Class G airspace, no nearby Class B or C airspace, 9,200 ft runway, mild daytime temps, CAVU as far as the eye can see, and most important, wonderful hosts –Jack Hunter’s Western Sky Aviation Warbird Museum and Above View Aviation FBO.

Martin-Baker ceasing Experimental Aircraft Support

Oct 26, 2016 - From Australia comes news that Martin-Baker has notified operators of historic ejection seats that they have ceased supplying parts for all historic ejection seats.

In at least one case, an RAAF F-86 Sabre, part of the Temora Aviation Museum, will be out of the air until a suitable course of action is determined, since their current policy is to only operate the aircraft with a serviceable ejection seat. Its last performance will be at the Avalon Airshow.

New CJAA Honorary Member - Col. Gail Peck

Oct 25, 2015 - To recognize key supporters of classic jet owners and operators, CJAA created the Honorary Membership. To date, thirteen individuals have been so honored. Today, CJAA adds the fourteenth, US Air Force Col. (ret.) Gaillard Peck.

2015 St George Jet Blast Report

Oct 24, 2015 - Midway through the St George Jet Blast, over 25 pilots and 8 aircraft have taken to the air for instruction, check rides and then a little after-hours hangar flying. The weather has been CAVU and winds below 5kts. Probably the most diverse fleet ever at a recent Jet Blast - only one L-39 and T-33 are participating - creating a FAST training environment where dissimilar aircraft is the norm, not the exception.

"New" F-5 Joins the CJAA Fleet

Oct 22, 2015 - After years of restoration, N115DV has been rolled out in the colors of the Marine Fighter Training Squadron VMFT 401, otherwise known as the “Snipers” honoring all that have served.

N115DV's history began in Canada. In 1995, she was a Canadian Showplace aircraft until "deactivation" is 2004 and long term storage.  She was the last of the fleet to arrive at CFB Mountainview Ontario for long term storage.

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