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AirVenture Walk Around Seminar a Success!

July 30, 2014 - CJAA conducted the first Jet Warbird Walk Around Seminar this morning to a packed crowd of AirVenture classic jet enthusiasts. This seminar, presented by Rich Sugden and showcasing his North American FJ-4B Fury, dealt with operation, maintenance and even some history of the swept-wing, carrier-capable fighter-bomber.

CJAA will be conducting additional Walk Around Seminars throughout AirVenture. They're conducted daily at the West Warbird Ramp. Upcoming seminars will feature:

Reengined L-39NG?

July 22, 2014 - Boeing and Airbus aren't the only companies to announce re-engining plans at Farnborough. Aero Vodochody used the occasion to announce a re-engined L-39NG variant using a Williams FJ44-4M turbofan.

Other changes announced include a new wet wing, lighter structure, single-piece canopy, and modern cockpit. The news site AIN reports prototypes by the end of 2016, certification in 2017 and deliveries in 2018.

Jet Warbird Safety Briefing (Oshkosh)

Jul 21, 2014 - Are you a Jet Operator planning on attending Oshkosh? Don’t miss the Jet Warbird Pilot Briefing on Wednesday, July 30th at 10:00am in the Warbird Briefing Room. This year’s briefing will cover a wide range of safety topics important to Jet Warbird Operators. 

Jet Warbird Walk Around Seminars (Oshkosh)

July 17, 2014 - Ever wanted to know more about a Classic Jet Aircraft? EAA and the Classic Jet Aircraft Association present “Jet Warbrid Walk Around Seminars” for Classic Jets. Join a Classic Jet Operator as they provide an Up Close and Personal tour of a Jet Aircraft and its unique history, design, features and present day operations. “Walk Around Seminars” will be full of inside information about these classic machines and there will be ample time for Question and Answer with the Owner / Operator.

Oshkosh FAST Opportunities

Jul 16, 2014 - Jet owners at AirVenture 2014 will have an opportunity every morning (Jul 28 to Aug 3) to learn more about the Formation And Safety Team. FAST is worldwide, educational organization dedicated to teaching safe formation flying in, among other things, classic jet aircraft. CJAA is one of 17 signatories.

Even if you're only thinking about obtaining a FAST rating, you're welcome to sit in during morning brief and observe preparation for those impressive Echelon and Fingertip formations.

FAA Updates EAE Summary

Jun 30, 2014 - Earlier today, the FAA updated their Designated Specialty Aircraft Examiners summary. Most of the changes don't affect Jet owners and operators, but for completeness, the table is published below:

Court rules on Hangar ownership

Jun 20, 2014 - In a lower court ruling, a California court ruled that aircraft hangars are “removable trade fixtures” and are owned by the person or corporation that installed them. In this particular case, the hangar was determined not to be a permanent improvement and the owner had the right to disassemble the hangar and take it with him if he chose to do so.

The ruling only applies to California hangars but owners in other states may want to study the decision for applicability in their state.

2014 Reno FAST Clinic Video

Jun 12, 2014 - Last weekend's joint CJAA/RJI FAST Clinic resulted in plenty of FAST upgrades and renewals, several hours of training sorties, and generally a lot of fun both in the air and on the ground. If you missed it, or are just curious what goes on during a FAST Clinic, join us for this 90 second introduction.

Reno FAST Clinic Graduates

Jun 10, 2014 - CJAA's 2014 Reno Jet Clinic, conducted in cooperation with Racing Jets Incorporated (RJI), resulted in two FAST Wing to Lead upgrades and four Wing renewals. The clinic was conducted in advance of Pylon Racing School (PRS), giving potential Reno Air Race participants a chance to sharpen their formation skills, and all pilots a chance to earn FAST ratings.

Taking Your Jet Warbird to Oshkosh

Jun 3, 2014 - About this time each year, thoughts of many pilots worldwide turn to EAA Airventure at Oshkosh. Even after 30 years of attendance, my own thoughts are no different. “Oshkosh” represents lots of things to me - great weather, lots of airplanes and friends, a week off from usual work, RV camping on site, the air show and for warbird operators - lots of flying! For jet warbird operators, what can be a long journey to Oshkosh is far less daunting given the traveling speeds and ability to avoid weather challenges enroute.

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